Our Shaping Machines - 01M ShaperCloudCNC Series

SurfCloud is leading  vendor for small & midsize business (SMB) giving the possibility to purchase a shaping machine that fits their needs and budget. Our machines are made in SPAIN, designed and developed by our Surfcloud engineering team..

Currently the market of the shaping machines is linked to mass production industry, with very limited possibility for SMB Surfboard Shaping Studios of having their own machines,  due to the huge over-dimension of the shaping machines existing in the market, which goes accordingly to the high price.

SurfCloud eliminate this gap and meets the needs of small & midsize surfboard shaping studios with the 01M ShaperCloudCNC Series. We provide various configurations to meet different needs of our SMB clients at affordable budget.

All our machines include the assembly instructions and Shape3D surfboard design software compatibility. SurfCloud provides additional services of a technician to assemble the machine on-site at customer studio or workshop for a reasonable extra charge.

Get in contact with us via WhatsApp and tell to our engineering team your needs or look into our offers.

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